Conference on Latin American Philosophy
University of San Francisco
Friday, April 17, 2015

Location: UC 402/403 (maps; including disability accessibility)

9:30am-10:00            coffee, mingling, and despairing about IT issues

10am-11:45                Latino/a Immigration: A Refutation of the Social Trust Argument
                                   José Mendoza (Worchester)
                                            Comments by Carlos Sánchez (San José State)

11:45-1pm                 break

1pm-2:45                   Latin American Philosophy as “Philosophy Born of [Colonial] Struggle”
                                  Grant Silva (Marquette)
                                            Comments by Elizabeth Millán (DePaul)

2:45pm-3:00              break

3-4:45                        American Indigenism & Democracy: Assimilation, Pluralism, and Autonomy
                                  Kim Diaz (U. Texas, El Paso)
                                            Comments: Mario Sáenz (Le Moyne)

5:15pm-7pm             Fleishhacker Chair Lecture: Latin American Philosophy in the United States: Past, Present, & Future
                                  Jorge J. E. Gracia (Buffalo)
                                  Note: this event is in a different location— Fromm 125 (Maraschi Room)

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